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5 komodo court kawana island

5 komodo court kawana island – The most well-liked explanation to visit Komodo Island is to look the renowned Komodo dragons. Komodo National Park was founded in 1980 for the conservation of these animals and is now a UNESCO World heritage Site.

Komodo National Park is actually made occurring of several islands, the three largest mammal Komodo, Padar and Rinca.

There are thought to be nearly 5,000 Komodo dragons full of beans in the park and each one can weigh occurring to 90 kg.

Their colossal size doesn’t slow them down, and they can direct occurring to 12 miles per hour.

While visiting the Komodo National Park, it is best to hire a local guide as they are knowledgeable just about the safest places for visitors to watch the Komodo dragons.

5 komodo court kawana island

5 komodo court kawana island

How to acquire to Komodo Island?

soar Directly From Bali to Labuan Bajo

Flights are one option (and by one I mean, the fastest), but can be a bit pricey if youre on an extreme budget.

If youre just on a slight budget, Id definitely tell go for it, because mine was unaccompanied regarding $200.

You cant essentially hack these flights aside from messing all but taking into consideration the dates to see subsequently its cheapest, but back theres forlorn a couple flights per day, the cost usually doesnt change.

Once you get to Labuan Bajo, youll dependence to bow to a boat/tour to get to the actual Komodo Island (see the adjacent section).

Or you can call travel agent to get comodo island.

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Do you need a Travel Agent?

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Jojo Komodo Tour is Local tour operator Bali to Komodo, based in Labuan Bajo – Indonesia.

Many thanks for the fascination in exploring Komodo and Flores island.

Komodo island is a house of a legendary Komodo dragon, afterward famous taking into account underwater beauty.

Flores island is a natural adventure where the expanse of beautiful birds and culture attached to the main attraction. Portuguese colonizers baptized the island flores island means of Flowers.

Komodo island and another island, Wae Rebo normal Village, Bena Village in Bajawa and Kelimutu three colored lakes are just four of its many highlights.

Our tours to Komodo later our tour operator Bali to Komodo, Flores and the other Lesser Sunda islands meet the expense of every guests a feast of ancient cultures and natural diversity.

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Hotel Booking

Perhaps, one good consideration as you set a plan to travel across the island is booking of hotels in Flores island. It does not mean you do not have any desire to go backpacking in the open place. Staying in a hotel means that you have a proper plan to visit different places and you get a comfortable place to stay. There are many hotels across the island. You can pick one based on your budget allocation and the facilities you want to get.

For More Information, Visit page: Booking of Hotels in Flores Island.

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